The Applied Improvisation Network Administrator Position

The AIN Administrator

Why you are so valuable to the organization:


We are seeking an individual who is entrepreneurial, self-starting, creative, reliable and can work well with an improvisational organization

 Is that you? 

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The Applied Improvisation Network (AIN) is a Nonprofit, volunteer-run and truly global organization. We are a group of scholars, practitioners, facilitators, trainers, researchers and performers applying the principles and methods of improvisation to a wide range of contexts such as leadership and negotiation training, humanitarian work, education, trauma healing and diversity. Currently we have over 8000 people around the globe participating in our online discussions, many of whom are involved in local and regional groups and our annual conference which draws 200-400 faithful attendees

We are currently seeking to hire an Administrator. The AIN Administrator supports the AIN President, Board, and community with basic administrative tasks. Help is needed with the day-to-day running of the AIN as well as providing invaluable support to the different projects and volunteers of the organization. The role and schedule are flexible and while some tasks are clearly delineated, others are…well… improvised.  Currently, our need is for approximately 10-20 hours/week at the rate of $20 hour. The work will fluctuate depending on needs.

As the only paid staff in our all volunteer organization, the Administrator plays a crucial role. We value your ideas on what can be done to make us more effective and move us forward technically, but also substantively and creatively.  Ideally, you are the heart of the organization, keeping us on track and empowering new initiatives.







We are looking for a minimum of a one year commitment. Please send any questions to

Job Tasks Include:

  • Administration
  • Website Development
  • Conference support
  • Project support
  • Volunteer coordination
  • Point of contact
  • New initiatives and ideas – Inspire us!

Skills and Abilities Wanted:

  • Flexible and reliable work ethic
  • Systemic thinking
  • Good attention to detail and follow through
  • Good collaborative and communication skills
  • Good verbal and written English
  • Ability to both take direction and show initiative
  • Technical and social media proficiency (Slack, ZOOM, Whatsapp,Google Drive, email)

In more detail:

Presidency and Board Support

  • Send out Presidential Bulletins to our Membership: proofread; edit text; create layout for bulletin; add photos, links, documents; send via Mailchimp; add to Social Media streams
  • Provide a reliable & quick point of contact for questions about the Google Drive archive, projects, website, tech support
  • Be “on the ground” of operations, regularly feeding back how things are going between the Board Meetings
  • Arrange collaborative work Skype calls and gently remind volunteers to get their tasks done
  • Provide admin overview at Board Meetings and be a sounding board for feasibility of ideas which involve lots of administration
  • Create templates for Meeting Minutes in google drive, step in to take minutes for meetings when Secretary is absent
  • Hands-on assistance with Board and member initiatives as far as you are able

General Administration

  • Email Inbox: First POC through the website, answer queries, forward matters  to relevant Board Members or volunteers
  • Mailing list & Mailchimp: Create templates, curate account access, curate the mailing list, communicate important organisational developments to the members, membership data analysis
  • Mailing list curation: Downloading exports of members and creating the Mailchimp mailing list
  • Curate Google Drive archive: create, update develop, backup, manage users, tech support, figure out who to ask for content and past documentation – see where there are missing bits of information
  • Platform Password Keyholder: curate access rights for project volunteers, keep accounts up to date and secure. It’s best if one person does this to make access easy and everyone knows who to ask for help
  • Set up email accounts & G-suite (in progress) for non-profits for Board Members and Volunteers
  • Create an Admin handbook and documents such as this one for more transparency

These tasks can develop and change once systems like Mailchimp, G-suite, Website etc. are set up / improved. We are currently using Slack, Zoom and will be developing other web based platforms. Knowledge of these a plus as are your recommendations on how to develop these further. 

Website Development & Administration

We are in the process of substantially upgrading our  website. Until that time, the Admin will be responsible for helping with:

  • Work with current web development team to keep the website up to date
  • Content creation: Making sure that the content of the website fairly represents AIN and is current, prompting Board Members to create content related to their projects
  • Membership curation: help members with their profiles, delete spammers and the content they created, answer questions about where to find what on the website.
  • First point of contact through the contact form 
  • User experience: creating user stories and improving the web experience
  • Integrating the library into the website
  • Managing the content uploader, co-working and editing the content
  • Practitioner Pathway: developing the online process of becoming a Certified Practitioner and being a first point of contact for Practitioner queries
  • Keep our web presence fresh and exciting

Conference support

  • Assist with Administration of proposals and registrations
  • Play a variety of support roles to the local conference team and Board members leading up to and during the conference
  • Volunteer at the Conference in a variety of capacities
  • The Administrator’s conference expenses for registration and housing are covered by AIN.

Professionalization & Practitioners

  • Put forward Ideas for how to increase the value of the Practitioner subscription
  • Conduct Mailouts to Practitioners with new offers: logo, blog, mentoring etc. 
  • Test and make sure the online pathway works
  • Create a spreadsheet of practitioner payments – a co-working project with the Treasurer

Social Media

  • Work closely with the Social Media team 
  • Co-create social media strategy
  • Upload videos to YouTube
  • Post on and manage the Linkedin and Facebook  groups 

Volunteer coordination

  • Follow up with  Board Members and volunteers to ensure proposed tasks get done and results reported back to the Board  
  • Work with the Board Volunteer Coordinator to connect interested volunteers with the appropriate project lead

Point of contact

  • Through the website and via email, the Administrator is the first point of contact for the organization, so is expected to filter incoming queries, requests, offers, and refer them to the relevant people
  • They also serve as the central point of contact for the Board and all volunteers, facilitating  access to any platforms and enabling help with their projects