Learning Journeys


This year’s Learning Journeys are limited to roughly 25 people each and are filled via registration on a first come first served basis. They are optional events and come at an additional fee of:

1 day: $100 USD

2 days: $140 USD

You can book your Learning Journey alongside your Conference registration here.



Tuesday, August 22: Learning Journey Day 1

Un-Fake the News:

It’s your chance to save the world—of honest journalism. AIN attendees have the opportunity to join a Learning Journey in downtown LA at the legendary Los Angeles Times, the newspaper of record in The Storytelling Capital of the World, where we will explore the question of how the Times can build bridges between journalism’s past and its future with Applied Improvisation.

Location: Los Angeles Times


Wild, Wonderful West:

We are delighted to offer a Learning Journey exploring multiculturalism and Applied Improvisation at the Autry Museum of the American West, just north of downtown LA in beautiful Griffith Park.

Location: Autry Museum of the American West


Gangsta Garden & Cultural Exchange:

In this Learning Journey, we’ll visit the Gangsta Garden, with a workshop on sustainability and permaculture, and travel to nearby Leimert Park, the hub of black culture in Los Angeles for an improvised music jam, dancing, poetry readings and soul food at the World Stage, home of the Anansi Writers Workshop.

Location: Gangsta Garden


Level-Up Applied Improvisation:

A workshop for Facilitators and Trainers w/ Alan Montague at The California Endowment Center. Do you work with (or want to work with) groups, organizations, and individuals, and add a ton of new activities, techniques, and concepts to your toolkit? Whether your focus is business, education, social/medical services or personal growth, this is the learning journey for you! Throughout the day, Alan Montague will provide you with theories and exercises that you can use in your work.

Location: The California Endowment Center



Wednesday, August 23: Learning Journey Day 2

The Quest: Hollywood:

The Quest will help you become a more engaged listener, be more present, curious, and attentive, increase your self-awareness and be more open to new experiences, especially on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. It will help you understand the significance of the larger patterns that unfold on the stage, in your life and the world. The skills learned during The Quest and the insights revealed as a result are truly powerful.

Described by participants as, “completely transformational”, The Quest is an improvisational structure developed by the legendary improv guru Del Close (1934-1999).

Location: Hollywood’s Walk of Fame


Disney Animation Studio Tour & Creativity Workshop:

A collaborative lunch and learn with Disney Animators, Disney Execs, and AIN Members at Walt Disney Animation in Burbank.

Location: Walt Disney Animation in Burbank


The Way of the Mindful Improviser:

A workshop with Ted DesMaisons at
The California Endowment Center
. This workshop will offer a glimpse into the power that comes from combining mindfulness and improvisation. Together, we’ll create a safe learning lab that uses experiential exercises to sharpen self-awareness and revitalize relationship with the outside world. Well train the muscles of playful attention, dig into the power of “Yes, and,” retrain our reactions to so-called failure, and learn to connect with ourselves and others more resourcefully through acting coach Patsy Rodenburg’s “Second Circle” of awareness. And we’ll do all that while laughing a lot.

Please note: All levels of improvisation and mindfulness experience are welcome.

Location: The California Endowment Center.

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