AIN Summit 2017


Date: Monday, 21 August 2017
Time: TBC
Location: The California Endowment Center
Cost: Free

While we’re all getting excited about the annual conference in Irvine, there’s another event that you might like to attend and contribute to.

That’s the AIN Summit, which is the opportunity for all of us to help shape the future of the network itself. We’ve held 3 summits before during our 17 year history, and they always prove influential in deciding what kind of organisation we want to be. At the moment, for example, we focus on an annual conference, a presence on the internet, collaborating with humanitarian groups, guiding the professional development of our members and staying as volunteer-based as possible.

All of that is up for grabs, and we’d welcome your views, both in advance and on the day.

For commenting in advance, you can read and respond to the series of Discussion Papers:

AIN Scholarships
AIN Conference Location
Future of AIN

To join in on the day, which is free to attend (and we’ll provide refreshments), sign up here.


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2017 AIN World Conference

2017 AIN World Conference, Southern California on 24-27 August 2017.

More details here:


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