Seasons and Transitions

Apr 27, 2018 | 0 comments

Hello all AINers around the world!

Happy Spring to those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, and Happy Autumn to those of you in the Southern! Wherever you are, I hope you are experiencing the magic of seasonal transition. Transitions, as we know are opportunities for growth, emergence, creativity and maturation. And we also know that they can be fraught with confusion, uncertainty, fear and stagnation. What’s a body to do? Adapt! Flex! Listen! Risk! As an organization, AIN is in a phase of transition, or what I like to call, “What do we want to be when we grow up”? Or perhaps, “Do we want to grow up”?

After the first, experimental venture into a small Applied Improvisation gathering in San Diego in 2002, we have grown into a robust band of performers, scholars, practitioners and merry pranksters spanning the globe. We have held annual worldwide conferences, hosted many regional events, spawned exciting collaborations, launched various publications and been at the forefront of a significant wave of awareness and integration of improvisational principles and practices in a wide range of contexts. No longer are we the sole entity spreading the magic of our craft. No longer are we harboring some secret that is the dessert surprise at the organizational retreat. Improvisation is now recognized and applied in so many places such as academia, healthcare, humanitarian work, science, leadership, community building and on and on. Think tanks, educational programs, consultancies and research centers are popping up.

So. Amidst this changing landscape…… Who do we want to be? Where do we want to be? How do we want to be? These are some of the questions that the AIN Board will be exploring at our Board Retreat to be held just before the Paris conference. Our fabulous Board is working tirelessly behind the scenes to shepherd us well into our next phase of life.

AND! About that Board, we transition (there’s that word again!) every year with some members leaving and others joining. So, those of you out there interested in getting more involved, consider applying to join the Board where your talents and passions can be put to use. Stay tuned for an invitation for nominations to the Board.

And even if you are not interested in joining the Board, your talents and passions can still be put to use. However we grow, we would love your participation in all kinds of projects such as, Diversity, Networking and Marketing, Website, Research and Publication, Local and Regional Groups, Development, Practitioners and Professionalization and Conference Planning. Is there something else you would like to add, develop or create? Come on in! Pitch! Your ideas and energies are most welcome!

AND! Speaking of conferences, I hope we will see as many of you as possible in Paris in August. The conference team is working harder than you know on creating a phenomenal experience for you – French food, French theatre and improv, French “debates and dialogues”, innovative and creative formats for sessions and talks, Learning Journeys including Street Art, Music, Introduction to Applied Improv and The Quest and More!

Register Now – Early Bird 30 June

In a world of uncertainty, the only thing we know for sure is that things change.  Day will turn to night and seasons will turn from winter to spring and summer to autumn. So, in the season of our organizational transition, who do we want to be when we grow up? We’re not quite sure yet and we’re excited to find out! Join us in this discovery. Join us in moving forward with that magic balance of intention and receptivity, of structure and freedom, of planning and emergence. Be part of our transition from spunky adolescent to mature adult. And as you know, improvising adults always know how to play. This is who I want to be when I grow up.

To learn more about AIN past, present and future, listen to our infocast, hosted by Board Member Jon Trevor as he interviews a variety of AIN members about different aspects of our fabulous organization.

Listen to our AIN Inforcast:

See you in Paris! A bientot!


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