Certified Practitioners

To bring the benefits of Applied Improvisation into your organisation, you’ll need a skilled and experienced practitioner.

The AIN works to raise the standards of facilitators, consultants and coaches. So we suggest you use an AIN Certified Practitioner who has qualified to appear on this website. Each of them has done so by subscribing to the AIN code of conduct and ethics and demonstrating a commitment to professional standards.

They are all making a genuine contribution to the development of the field of Applied Improvisation which we check with a system of points.

Below, you’ll see a list of currently Certified Practitioners which you can browse, or you can use our advanced keyword search tool.

Each profile has a link to the Practitioner’s own website, from which you’ll learn more about what they can do for you, how they work and how you can engage them. The rest, including any contractual and legal arrangements, is up to you: we are all independent practitioners, and so the AIN cannot assure the quality of any programs.

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2017 AIN World Conference

2017 AIN World Conference, Southern California on 24-27 August 2017.

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Certified Practitioner

AIN Members are welcome to apply to become certified practitioners.