Become a Certified Practitioner

AIN Members are welcome to apply to become AIN Certified Practitioners, assuming you meet the criteria listed below. If you’re not yet a Member, join here (it’s free).


Why become a Certified Practitioner?

  • You’ll be included in AIN’s list of Certified Practitioners on this website, so potential clients and collaborators can find you – the positions of the names are rotated each week
  • You’ll be eligible to respond to calls for proposals from AIN’s partner organizations, about paid assignments (only Certified Practitioners are eligible to do this)
  • You’ll be invited to take part in AIN Certified Practitioner Mastermind groups, write blogs for the AIN website and to be an AIN Mentor
  • Credibility – you’ll have the right to say in all your marketing material that you’re a Certified Applied Improvisation Practitioner
  • It’s recognition from your peers that you have a significant professional practice
  • It shows that you’re a pioneer in a pioneering field and you’re contributing to your professional community

Here’s how the process works:


Carefully read these instructions about the certification process and make sure you agree with the AIN Code of Conduct and Ethics.


Read the details below about the point-scoring system. One category is about your participation in and support of the AIN community; the other is about your professional practice of and advancement of applied improvisation outside of the AIN.

You need to score at least 10 points, with at least 5 points from each category (in other words, you can’t score all 10 points from just one category).

Category 1


Category 2


Participation in and Support of the AIN

You need a minimum of 5 points in this category, scored within the past 3 years, unless specifically stated otherwise

Professional Practice as an Applied Improviser

You need a minimum of 5 points int his category, scored within the past 3 years, unless specifically stated otherwise 

Attended AIN World Conferences

Conferences attended in the past 5 years

1 point per conference, with a maximum of 3 points in this category

1, 2 or 3

If your own website includes Applied Improvisation as key content.


Attended an AIN Regional Conference or AIN Local Group Event

Within the past 2 years


If you are an academic or internal to an organization, Applied Improvisation explicitly appears in your biography on your institution’s website.


Led a programmed session at an AIN World Conference. This includes AINxTalks, Plenary Sessions and Programmed Workshops

1 point per session, maximum of 2 points.
Within the past 3 years.

1 or 2

If you made a professional appearance, presenting/teaching in front of a business, non-profit or academic group (outside of the AIN), with Applied Improvisation as key content.


Led an Open Space Session at an AIN World Conference

Within the past 5 years.


If you are internal to an organization/institution, and have presented/taught Applied Improvisation in a department different from your own


Led a programmed session at an AIN Regional Conference or AIN Local Group

Within the past 3 years


If you’ve given a public/open workshop, webinar or online course, with Applied Improvisation as key content, outside of the AIN, within the past year

1 point per workshop topic, with a maximum of 2 points

1 or 2

Organized a local, regional or world AIN event. 

1 pint for local, 1 point for regional, 1 point for world conference team member, up to 3 points max.
Within the past 3 years

1, 2 or 3

If you have received positive testimonials or quotes from a client, manager, director, or employer, mentioning Applied Improvisation as part of an assignment or methodology.


Serving on the AIN Board for  or more years

Within the past 5 years


If you have taught Train-the-Trainer workshops (public/contracted/internal) or written a book with a theme of training trainers, in which you explicitly use the principles and techniques of Applied Improvisation. (Maximum of 2 points in this field, max 1 for a session, 1 for a book)

1 or 2

Volunteering online as approved by AIN Board: e.g. AIN Librarian, AIN Webinar, become an AIN Mentor, organizer of an AIN project, etc.

 Within the past 5 years


If you’ve spoken at a TEDx Talk or made TV appearances, with Applied Improvisation as key content within the past year.


Produced written content for the AIN

Minimum of 10 original-content blog posts or equivalent, running one of our surveys, submitting case studies, etc.


If you’ve published podcasts/video podcasts, with Applied Improvisation as key content.


If you’ve published or translated a book with a theme of Applied Improvisation (2 points) or written a book chapter or peer-reviewed published article relating to Applied Improvisation (1 point)

1 or 2





If you publish a regular blog outside of the AIN website, with at least 15 posts over the past 18 months, and with Applied Improvisation as key content.





If you produce a peer recommendation from someone already qualified as an AIN Certified Practitioner listed on this website.






Calculate your score. 5 or more points in each category for a total of 10 or more? Yay, happy dance! Please continue your application.

If you still require more points in one or both of the categories, please have a look at the list above to see how you can get more involved. And please come back and reapply when you’ve met the criteria.


Click the “APPLY NOW” button below and you’ll be taken to another page called “Your Application for Certification”, where you can provide the information about you that you want people to see in our public list of AIN Certified Practitioners, and pay the biennial fee. (This may become an annual fee or be charged otherwise in future).

You do NOT need to fill in a form or send us an email outlining how you’ve calculated your score – we trust you. And we’ll ask if we need more information from you.


On the “Your Application for Certification” page, click the “Submit & Continue To Payment” button to pay the biennial subscription fee of US $99.00. Your certification is valid for two years from the date your application is approved. Pay via PayPal.


We will review your application, and ask you for more information if necessary.


We’ll let you know whether your application is successful. If it is, the details you submitted will automatically be added to the list of AIN Certified Practitioners on this site, as well as to our AIN Certified Practitioner Newsletter mailing list. Congratulations!

If your application is unsuccessful, you will be refunded and welcome to reapply when you meet the criteria.

Any questions about the certification process? Contact us.