Can you believe it? And no, you’re not dreaming…We will all be in Paris together soon!

Paris is a cosmopolitan city known for its tolerance and as the capital of art, culture and freedom. And we are in France, a country that stands up for human rights. So, it’s only proper that this year, we continue to develop the Applied Improvisation Network here in Paris, France with the theme of DiverseCity. In the spirit of DiverseCity, let’s learn and play together and open our minds to each other in the spirit of fun and harmony.

While you are here, you will learn both about the French and Parisian culture and about the many different cultures represented in AIN. We speak different languages, represent different countries and practice different forms of improvisation. Let’s see those the differences between us as a gift and through our shared improvisational spirit, and grow generously together.

And as I said last year at the AIN LA summit :  Who wants a bowl of fruit that tastes, smells and looks all the same ?

This year’s AIN conference adventure has been incredible.  Both the effort of the volunteers and the support from the AIN Board have been exceptional.  The conference committee has truly been an example of the theme of this conference, that is a diverse group of people from different cultures and backgrounds, all working together towards the same goal. And our intention – to put on the best conference possible for you, driven by our passion for Applied Improvisation and the AIN community!

We also created a very special Learning Journey program this year.  We are discovering the Arts, experimenting with new things, meeting old and new friends and visiting Paris. It is going to be spectacular!

You will find more information about tourism in Paris and be able to exchange advice, photos and comments on our AIN2018 Paris FB Event page on Facebook. For sharing on Twitter, please follow AIN and be sure to share your photos with #ParisAIN2018.

The direction of the program this year is to extend our comfort zone and to try to explore some new formats, play with the duration of sessions, include more speakers, and enjoy Paris as a unique learning and sharing experience.

We’ve applied our improvisation skills to create the program from over 120 big-hearted offers.  Open Space will offer up yet more adventure and generosity. And of course, as we are all improvisers, there are likely to be changes right up to the beginning of the conference!

As a Parisian souvenir, on the evening of the 24th August, we’ll have an outside event; ‘the Parisian Chic Soirée’, dress code ‘Chic’!

Improvisation is well developed in France, so we will also be showing you French forms of improv shows, on the 25th event evening !

We really hope that ParisAIN 2018 will be a great experience for you – full of value, sharing and generosity.  Be gentle and slow down when speaking as sometimes we may not fully understand you, as English is not our first language.  Take care of yourselves and each other, help each other out, and learn from each other.  Offer up smiles and kindness, extend your comfort zone and learn from our rich diversity.

Thank you to the all kind people who have been working hard on this extraordinary adventure* for our unique community. We are a very small team in Paris and everything we do for you comes from the heart. Forgive our mistakes and enjoy this conference with your child-heart.

Enjoy the here and now, and lets ‘yes and’ all our moments together!

Sylvaine Messica

Chair and Head of the Program team of ParisAIN 2018, AIN France

*Only possible with the generous support of ParisAIN team and the AIN Board