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I facilitate Leadership Presence training programs throughout the Asia Pacific region, with The Ariel Group, a leading Executive Training Company. I also design and deliver coaching and training programs using the performing arts, communication and creativity to meet distinct learning outcomes for companies around the world.

What are you looking for from this network?

I live in Sydney and have been on an improv path since 1988, yes that feel like a long time ago now but it changed my life. I have since collaborated with many performers to use Improv to create theatre shows and have been performing with Playback Theatre for 27 years. I run training in Leadership Presence with The Ariel Group who are based in Boston. I also offer my own Coaching/Training service drawing on my experiences with Story, Improv and life.

I want to network and connect with people who are also walking this path of playfulness, of spontaneity, of authentic connection, of possibility of ensemble, of leadership and followship, of the unknown, of ongoing discovery!

What topics are you interested in?

Teams, teamwork, Collaboration