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Ruth Jaya Härtlein, born 1961 in Germany, I stumbled across Buddhism in my early 20s in the UK, and story-telling and performance in my 30s. Both of those together led me to explore how an ‘inner’ more contemplative practice, being present directly with the ever-moving mind, interacts with more ‘outer’ ways of sharing on stage and interactive teaching. – This led me directly to improvisation, as a performer and later trainer – and those two aspects still feed my practice. 2002-4: Two-year training of Lecoq-based Physical Theatre (Kiklos Scuola, Italy). I discovered the Clown, and since 2005 have run workshops in clowning where I research fallibility and humour as a basis for a broad inclusive path, and apply the teaching of clown to a wide range of clients, be it therapists, the corporate world, or meditators. Since 2002 I encountered improvisation through Stephen Hollins (NZ), Al Wunder (Australia), Andrew Morrish and John Britton. Since 2012 I have taught workshops and retreats entitled ‘Dancing the Unknown’, applying the practice of improvisation, focusing on the necessity to step into the unknown (every) next moment. I draw on the Buddhist teachings on mindfulness, while the atmosphere of the courses is light and full of the spirit of play and joyful experimentation. I teach in volunteer and corporate training, in mental health settings and for therapists, and in various Buddhist contexts. 2011-13 MA Applied Theatre, Central School of Speech and Drama, London. Part of that training was Forum Theatre (Boal) and other direct improvisational methods. Since then in the UK I have worked with ex-offenders and within the prison system, which I continue in Berlin, where I am now based. http://www.dancingtheunknown.wixsite.com/improvisation http://www.rednoses-unlimited.co.uk

What are you looking for from this network?

I am interested to connect and interact with others in this network who use improvisation in a variety of settings.

I am also interested in developing work opportunities, here in Germany or elsewhere.

What topics are you interested in?

Teams, teamwork, Collaboration, Creativity, Innovation, Presence, Responsiveness, Confidence, Strategy, Games, Humanitarian, Business, Organisations, Coaching, Training, Conflict, Success, Mistakes, Leadership, Sustainability, Risk, Resilience