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    Jessica, where in the Midwest are you located? Might you be interested in a group meet-up in Chicago? There are others here who probably don’t yet know about your group, but who could be enticed to join. @uwexjess

    • Hello! I’m in Appleton, WI and I would LOVE a group meet-up in Chicago – I’m only about 3 hours north and I get down to Chicago to see shows once in a while. Are you planning one? I’d be happy to help! Thanks for connecting!

      • Well, I guess I’m planning one now! Let me do some thinking about a suitable venue — perhaps at or near iO or CSz, with the idea of meeting in the afternoon and seeing a show together afterwards. And yes, I could use your help. Perhaps you could poll the AIN Midwest group to find one or two dates that would suit the most people in the group. The more people who attend, the more fun and productive it will be!

        • Ha! Well, I certainly didn’t mean to place the burden on you 🙂

          iO would be a great location – do you have any connections there? I’m not familiar with CSz, but would love to find out more! I’ll send a poll to the group later this weekend, once I’ve had a chance to review my own calendar. Thanks for bringing this up!

          • I do not have connections at iO, but they have a dedicated bar (with bar food), so they should be happy to host a bunch of people willing to eat and drink there. Also, there’s a Whole Foods across the street if the group prefers to be more health conscious.