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    Integrative Mind-Body Education (IMBE)
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    High Performance Team Training Workshop

    A fun-filled participatory program for learning organizations which desire to develop high performance teams and foster and increase teamwork, creative problem solving, critical problem solving, innovation, authentic leadership, stress management, resiliency, mindfulness, wellbeing and team building skills in their organizations.

    What is in it for my team:

    Practical tools/techniques to be more productive
    Improved, effective and efficient communication
    Better focus and enhanced emotional intelligence
    Attuned interpersonal communication
    Enhanced collaborative creativity that fosters innovation
    Improved critical thinking skills and thinking fast on their feet
    Optimizing presentation and public speaking skills
    Increased happiness, humor, and productivity!

    What you/your team will come away with:

    Confidence: Confidence in knowing what it takes to create a positive work/school environment through learning/teaching nonviolent communication skills
    Flexibility: Improvement in the individuals/teams perceptual insight concerning adaptability, resourcefulness, empathy, and collaborative creativity and innovation.
    Resilience: Tools/techniques/strategies for developing resilience in the face of ongoing change
    Mindfulness: Enhanced mindfulness in facing ongoing change through applying scientifically proven practices
    Collaborative Skills: Development of a new set of skills that helps teams to better collaborate, make decisions, manage stress, solve conflicts, and maintain healthy and productive interactions
    Systems thinking: Ability to tackle workplace and team issues through systems thinking.
    Positive team culture: Deep understanding of the role of each team member in creating positive team and dynamic organizational culture