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    Christiana Frank Certified Practitioner - click for details - I am a speaker, coach, consultant, program developer, and a certified Applied Improvisation and Applied Theatre Practitioner. For the past 20 years I have been helping corporate teams, educational institutions, and mental health facilities connect to themselves, each other and the world at large. I am the founder of both KidScape Productions and Team Building on Purpose that utilize evidence-based approaches to help people hone in on successful communication that draws from modern-day neuroscience and psychology. Since 1999 I have been designing and leading trainings with a mindful approach to collaboration, communication, and creativity. My passion is deeply rooted in facilitating teams and individuals to communicate effectively and feel confident with ambiguity and change.
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    Liz Merry Certified Practitioner - click for details - Merry Improv Co. is an Applied Improv Endeavor dedicated to finding laughter in everyday life.
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    Jeff Thoren - Jeff Thoren, DVM, PCC, BCC is the founder of Gifted Leaders, LLC, an established executive and team coaching company based in Phoenix, AZ serving clients nationwide. As a creative, independent thinker, Jeff brings new ideas, novel approaches, and unconventional solutions to both individual and organizational clients. Jeff is committed to building engaging and innovative workplace cultures. His goal is to accelerate the shift from traditional hierarchical leadership (where a few leaders at the top exert control) to collective leadership (where leadership emerges as a collective capacity from everyone).
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    Angelo John Lewis - I'm the Director of the Diversity and Spirituality Network, passionate believer in Sacred Inclusion, poet and troublemaker.
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    Yael Schy - Using Improv to Bridge the Divide in Communities and Companies
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    Diana Scott Shields - Merging Improv, Positive Psychology & Coaching to make the world a better place.
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    Steve Leybourne - I am an academic at Boston University researching Organizational Improvisation... - "Paul Jackson mentioned a webinar on 21st May about AIN & Academia… Where do I find the details ???"View
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    Heather Backstrom - Dr. Heather Backstrom is an executive coach, workshop facilitator, speaker and adjunct university professor. She has trained at the Second City, iO and UCB.
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    Benjamin Lloyd - Ben is the creator of "scenario-based" training, which implements performed scenarios designed for the client being served. - ""View
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    Robert Lowe - 37 years in Improvisation, 19 in Applied Improvisation, and six years AIN
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    Lauren Esposito - Lauren teaches applied improv and writing as a faculty member at Marywood University. She also performs, teaches, and coaches with Scranton Improv & Comedy, a non-profit group bringing improv comedy to Northeast Pennsylvania.
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    Drew Merit - Creative Mindsets & Tools; Graphic Facilitation; Speaker and Performance Coach
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    Topher Bellavia - I believe that the secret to good teamwork is positivity with an emphasis on listening, openness, and trust. He can’t teach people to be smart, creative or funny, but he can help people understand that they already are. He co-founded Washington Improv Theater’s Improv Training Program, where he wrote curricula, mentored new instructors, and coached thousands of improvisers and hundreds of teams. Some of his graduates have gone on to perform on the TBS shows Ground Floor and Fox’s Mulaney, as well as write for NBC’s Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Seth Meyers.
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    Chad Moore - Agile coach, improviser, visual communicator, storyteller
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