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    Jean Bonifas - My fascination with Applied Improv grew from creative drama and its freedom of expression, being transformed by participation theater, spolinized into teaching and improv performance, to its current iteration - facilitating individual/organizational communication skill transformation.
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    Heather Backstrom - Dr. Heather Backstrom is an executive coach, workshop facilitator, speaker and adjunct university professor. She has trained at the Second City, iO and UCB.
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    Holly Reynolds - Holly facilitates playful instruction of communication, writing, and rhetoric.
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    Luigi Maniglia - Always looking for the principle of movement
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    Lukas Zenk Certified Practitioner - click for details - Professor for Innovation and Network Research
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    David Westerlund - I feel alive when I catalyze latent joy that helps build resilience in teams and individuals.
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    Jorge Sanchez Hidalgo - I am a Human Factors and Aviation Safety consultant and facilitator. Over the years I have found there is great potential to enhance how people communicate and collaborate in high-risk environments to prevent errors from occurring. I am excited about the experiential learning that Applied Improvisation offers. I am also co-founder of An organization to bring the practice of Applied Improvisation as a tool for growth in education and industry.
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    Timothy Larabee - I am a program specialist, servicing San Antonio ISD providing support for special education teachers who teach in self contained classrooms with a focus on behavior.
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    Andrew - I teach performance courses at University of Detroit Mercy.
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    Jørgen Moltubak - Teacher, author and improviser.
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    Matt Rudkin - I worked for 15 years in the uk as a senior lecturer teaching theatre arts. I have toured extensively as a puppeteer and street theatre clown for other companies, and created various indoor devised theatre pieces. I have a particular research interest in Flow theory.
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    Fredy ImprOrganico - ImprOrganico Nace en un proceso de investigación en ventas - "@sue-walden great! I already write you to the mail"View
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    Jaya Härtlein - Ruth Jaya Haertlein Born 1961 in Germany, I stumbled across Buddhism in my early 20s in the UK, and story-telling and performance in my 30s. Both of those together led me to explore how an ‘inner’ more contemplative practice, being present directly with the ever-moving mind, interacts with more ‘outer’ ways of sharing on stage and interactive teaching. - This led me directly to improvisation, as a performer and later trainer - and those two aspects still feed my practice. 2002-4: Two-year training of Lecoq-based Physical Theatre (Kiklos Scuola, Italy). I discovered the Clown, and since 2005 have run workshops in clowning where I research fallibility and humour as a basis for a broad inclusive path, and apply the teaching of clown to a wide range of clients, be it therapists, the corporate world, or meditators. Since 2002 I encountered improvisation through Stephen Hollins (NZ), Al Wunder (Australia), Andrew Morrish and John Britton. Since 2012 I have taught workshops and retreats entitled ‘Dancing the Unknown’, applying the practice of improvisation, focusing on the necessity to step into the unknown (every) next moment. I draw on the Buddhist teachings on mindfulness, while the atmosphere of the courses is light and full of the spirit of play and joyful experimentation. I teach in volunteer and corporate training, in mental health settings and for therapists, and in various Buddhist contexts. 2011-13 MA Applied Theatre, Central School of Speech and Drama, London. Part of that training was Forum Theatre (Boal) and other direct improvisational methods. Since then in the UK I have worked with ex-offenders and within the prison system, which I continue in Berlin, where I am now based.
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