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    Robert Coutts - I am an actor and improviser from Cape Town. I have recently started doing corporate improv workshops with various companies.
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    Martin Scholtz - Creating experiences through learning, fun and human connections.
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    José - I was born in Spain, and lived in few countries in Latin America. I work as a lawyer and love living impro (playing and teaching) - ""View
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    BJ Lange - Actor, Comedian, TV Host & Improv Nerd. Instructor at The Second City Hollywood's Improv for Veterans, and Comedy Coach of the Air Force Wounded Warrior Program
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    Jorge Sanchez Hidalgo - I am a Human Factors and Aviation Safety consultant and facilitator. Over the years I have found there is great potential to enhance how people communicate and collaborate in high-risk environments to prevent errors from occurring. I am excited about the experiential learning that Applied Improvisation offers. I am also co-founder of An organization to bring the practice of Applied Improvisation as a tool for growth in education and industry.
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    Fredy ImprOrganico - ImprOrganico Nace en un proceso de investigación en ventas - "Applied Improvisation Network -Colombia"View
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    Mike Grimshaw - Using Improv to deliver a life changing experience to the young adults that I have the privilege to teach!
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    Andy Qiu - CEO/Founder of Easy Improv
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    Bettina - Business consultant and trainer
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    Kasha Tindall Webster - ki·net·ic: The energy that an object possesses due to its motion
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    linda hargrove - I teach English as a Second language to adult learners. - ""View
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    Kristy West Certified Practitioner - click for details - Helping teams and individuals practice brave skills in a brave space.
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    Oluwadamilola Apotieri-Abdulai - Oluwadamilola Apotieri-Abdulai is a confidence coach and communication skills trainer dedicated to bringing effective change to individuals and organizations. He is a graduate of Theatre Arts, Lagos State University and Redeemer’s University. He has a B.A Hons and Masters in Applied Drama; Theatre in Education, Community and Social Context from the prestigious Drama for Life division at the University of the Witwatersrand. He is Nigeria’s first Applied Drama practitioner and Playback Theatre practitioner and a member of the International Playback Theatre Network (USA), Drama for Life Africa Network, Applied Improvisation Network (USA) and an alumnus of the Centre for Playback Theatre (USA) where he trained in Playback Theatre core course and conducting. Damilola has 20 years’ experience in Media/Theatre for Social Change and is dedicated to exploring the transforming power of arts. Damilola brings his effusive energy, deep compassion, creativity, and insight to his trainings and personal coaching. He is a PhD candidate at the University of the Witswatersrand.
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