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    Roland Trescher Certified Practitioner - click for details - "Just listened to the podcast of Ella Amann intervieweing Barbara Tint. It’s time to register for the NY Conference! 🙂"View
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    Raymond van Driel Certified Practitioner - click for details - Practicing Applied Improv since 2000 and facilitating Train-the-Trainer sessions worldwide.
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    Heather Backstrom - Dr. Heather Backstrom is an executive coach, workshop facilitator, speaker and adjunct university professor. She has trained at the Second City, iO and UCB.
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    Christiana Frank - AI for 19 years with PK-12th grade. AI for 5 years with mental health, corporations. Consultant/Trainer/Owner
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    Jørgen Moltubak - Teacher, author and improviser.
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    Jennifer Bullock - Jennifer Bullock, M.Ed., M.L.S.P., LPC is director of The Philadelphia Social Therapy Group, where she works with individuals, groups, couples and families. Jennifer is a licensed psychotherapist with 30 years of experience in the mental health and child welfare fields. Her specialty service is her life development therapy groups for both adults and teens. Jennifer holds a Master’s Degree from Temple University in Counseling Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Law and Social Policy from Bryn Mawr College’s School of Social Work and Social Research. Jenifer received postgraduate training at the East Side institute for group and Short-term psychotherapy. She holds an adjunct faculty position at Community College of Philadelphia, teaching Psychology of Adolescents courses. Jennifer has a passion for the power of creativity to help us grow emotionally and in our relationships. She is a seasoned trainer of creative, performatory approaches to helping people at work, home and community advance conversations and emotional well-being. Jennifer writes a self-help blog that offers unconventional, unique approaches to our everyday life struggles and adventures with one another. As a community activist and founder of Independent Pennsylvanians she works for fair and democratic elections that do not exclude independents. She is a long time youth advocate, working with young people impacted on by poverty and institutional oppression to develop leadership skills with use of play performance an wellness practices. As a 200 hour certified yoga instructor, offering free classes to the community in exchange for donations to the local shelter. She and her partner love hiking, anything outdoors and spending time with all of their pets, adopted and fostered.
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    Ilene Bergelson - Ilene coaches internationally. She developed EmpowerSpeakâ„¢ with the intention to support our staying connected to our sense of play...and to elevate the level of effective and conscious communication in the workplace.
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    Julie Flower - Leadership and team development consultant, coach and facilitator
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    Victoria A. Vaccaro - An enthusiastic and innovative interpreter with over 11 years of experience in guest engagement and science education is looking to inspire curiosity, empathy, and leadership in learning through interpretation and improv.
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    Drew Merit - Drew leads workshops in creative courage and creative collaboration, innovation, team-building, and feedback utilizing the principles of applied Improvisation.
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    Andrea Handsteiner - experienced HR professional
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    Martin Scholtz - Creating experiences through learning, fun and human connections.
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    Ed Greenberg - Exec. Director of non-profit Laughter for a Change, former director The Second City, former actor The Committee
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    BJ Lange - Actor, Comedian, TV Host & Improv Nerd. Instructor at The Second City Hollywood's Improv for Veterans, and Comedy Coach of the Air Force Wounded Warrior Program
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