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    Hjalmar Hardestam - Behavioral scientist hooked on human behavior, interaction and improvisational theatre.
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    Fredy ImprOrganico - ImprOrganico Nace en un proceso de investigación en ventas - "Les Presento mi Nuevo Logo"View
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    Scott Johnston - Recently found improv and excited with the concept. Currently studying Level 1
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    Per Rasmussen - Short- and longform improvisor since 2011, certified systemic coach and meeting facilitator
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    DeAnna Massie Certified Practitioner - click for details - Teaching Artist and researcher specializing in education and corporate training.
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    Peter Sloth Madsen - As a professional actor-director I have been working with many forms of improvisation. Forum theatre being one of them, but also more abstract and experimental "artistic" forms of theatre improvisation. I work with my own group, researching the different possibilities for improvisation and interactive theatre, as professional artists. I also have an academic background as a MSc within innovation and design. I utilize my T-shape background as a process consultant and facilitator, when giving workshops on Applied Improv" in corporate settings. I find that my knowledge of the organizational challenges and the language used in many organizations, enables me to do far more relevant work for the client. So when I use "Applied Improv", its not just a fun workshop, but often more in depth change work, based on previous research and methods for clarifying what is going on in this specific organization. I also work with Service Design methods mixed with AI methods - and Im highly interested in developing this even further.
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    BJ Lange - Actor, Comedian, TV Host & Improv Nerd. Instructor at The Second City Hollywood's Improv for Veterans, and Comedy Coach of the Air Force Wounded Warrior Program - "@jtugend Saw you requested to join AIN GLA. Are you in Los Angeles?"View
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    Ketan Varia - Highly experience organisation change expert using improv as a powerful tool
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    Norma Dompier - Certified Professional Co-active Coach, trainer, facilitator, people developer and business coach who helps leaders and organizations learn skills needed to be innovative and agile in today's rapidly changing business world - teaching a unique blend of Organizational Development and Applied Improvisation (Organizational Improv) techniques to businesses, teams, and entrepreneurs.
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    Pam Burke - social psychologist and generally curious person who likes to live and work in play with others
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