Welcome to the AIN Library!

As an AIN Member you have exclusive access to our AIN Group Library on www.zotero.org. There you can share your favourite AIN related resources and research among the entries from other AIN members.

This is a step by step guideline how you as AIN member can join the AIN Group Library:

1. Create an account on zotero.org.

2. Send an email to our Librarian Susanne Pöchacker library@appliedimprovisationnetwork.org

3. Check your inbox or spam folder for the invitation mail to the AIN Group Library

4. Click on the link in the mail and you are in!

5. The navigation item “Groups” will lead you to our AIN Group Library.

6. Start sharing links and researching.

We have limited storage space. So it is better to share links rather than uploading documents, movies etc.

7. Use tags

The AIN Group Library’s content is as good as our edits. So everyone of us can contribute to keeping our AIN Library relevant and high quality!

Complete as many fields as possible when adding an item. An easy way is to filter the AIN Group Library’s content by clicking on one of the tags. So we need tagged content!

You might also find the Zotero FAQ helpful as a first introduction to our AIN Group Library.

8. Get an introduction by Susanne Pöchacker

There are also Skype sessions with Susanne Pöchacker to give AIN members an introduction to the Group Library if needed or to share experiences and tips among AIN Group Library users.

Please, check our AIN Facebook Group for dates.

9. Spread the word about the AIN Group Library among other AIN members

Our AIN Group Library is hosted on zotero.org, a free online platform developed by librarians.

Once you click on the Link for our AIN Group Library, you will leave the AIN Website.

Search here for anything across the entire site.

For more targeted searches visit specific sections of the site: Members, Practitioners, Events, Library.

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2019 AIN World Conference, New York on 8-11 August 2019.


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