How did it possibly get to December?

Dec 20, 2017 | 0 comments

Hello fabulous AINers around the world! How did it possibly get to be December? Feels like just yesterday some of us were frolicking on the beach in sunny, Southern California, at the amazing world conference hosted by the fantastic SoCal conference team. Big shout out to everyone who had a hand in that fabulous event. For a peek into some of what went on there, here is a link to our Flickr to the pictures from the conference.

We see more and more that applied improvisation is being used and integrated in so many diverse contexts. Our interview with Alan Alda at the SoCal conference cemented what we already know – that the tools he is using to train scientists and medical professionals are useful at so many levels of engagement.

And now, what’s next……?!?!

Our international Board continues to meet monthly to strengthen and develop both the organizational and creative aspects of the organization. As AIN has typically been emergent in its endeavors, we have now grown to the point where we are trying to be a bit more proactive and dare I say… structured?

As we know, both good improvisation and applied improvisation rely on a fine balance between structure and freedom. We are striving for that within AIN so that we keep the emergent and creative aspects of our work, and also find ways to manage our growth, our membership, and our potential. Within that, the Board has some great projects underway:

  1. Strengthening and enlivening the Certified Practitioner program under the great leadership of Paul Z. Jackson. Find out more about Certified Practitioner status.
  2. Developing a mentorship program fabulously developed by Izzy Gesell to partner experienced Applied Improvisers with those seeking mentorship.
  3. The wondrous Sue Walden, Mary Jane Pories and Missy Whitis have developed strong tools for professionalization which will be available very soon.
  4. The glorious Jeanne Lambin, Simo Routarinne and Chris Esparza are spearheading our diversity and inclusion efforts and a regular group of equally glorious people is meeting (virtually) every three weeks to address issues of diversity and inclusion both in our practice and within our organization.
  5. Furthermore, Paul Z Jackson, Belina Raffy, Jeanne Lambin and I are leading a collaboration with the Red Cross Climate Centre developing a pilot of an on line training tool to increase participatory approaches in humanitarian contexts addressing climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction. To learn more about that, see the Placard website.

Wow! That’s a lot of stuff, and only some of what we are doing.  Other areas to look forward to hearing more about include Research and Publication, Web Development, Public Relations, and and and… for a full overview of what our incredible volunteers are up to, have a look on our About AIN page.

What is on your wish list? What is your dream come true related to Applied Improvisation and AIN? What would you like to work on or be involved with? There is room for you! We need you! As AIN and the visibility of our craft grow, so does the need for connection and collaboration. And we want to be at the core of this burgeoning world and connected to other like-minded individuals, groups and organizations.

Get in touch with our fabulous administrator Angelina Castellini or any of the folks mentioned above to find out how to get more involved.

Oh, and don’t forget that our next world conference is in beautiful Paris, August 2018. Spots will go fast, so be on the look out for registration information after the New Year. Hope you all have an emergent, spontaneous, creative, collaborative, connected and joyously improvised holiday season. Because we know that holidays – and life – will rarely go as planned. 😉



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