Learning Journeys

Learning Journey A

An Introduction to Applied Improvisation (for Performers)

Patrick Short and Alan Montague

Wednesday 10th August 2016 10am – 5pm
Venue: Quaker Meeting House, Oxford

This Learning Journey is aimed at people who may have some prior performance experience, and who may have little or no facilitation experience. It’s likely that this is your first or second AIN Conference.

You work with (or want to work with) groups, organizations and individuals, and you want to add a ton of new activities, techniques and concepts to your toolkit.

You are new (or semi-new) to the world of Applied Improvisation. This full-day session is a delightful blend of information and play experience. You will get a sense of how to use a professional approach to Applied Improvisation with corporate and other clients, take away at least a dozen exercises with reflection guidance and have a framework or several frameworks for your work beyond “playing improv games”.

Whether your focus is business, education, social and medical services or personal growth, this is the Learning Journey for you. You will also be better prepared to take full advantage of the AIN Conference.

Oh, and plan to laugh a lot.

Key words Focus, Reflections, Customising, Tailoring, Leadership, Professional, Corporate, Fun, Cathartic

Learning Journey B

The Quest: Oxford Edition

Jeanne Lambin

Wednesday 10th August 2016 10am – 5pm
Venue: Quaker Meeting House, Oxford

Explore Oxford in an unusual way!

The Quest will help you become a more engaged listener, be more present, curious, and attentive, increase your self-awareness and be more open to new experiences. It will help you understand the significance of the larger patterns that unfold on the stage, in your life and the world. The skills learned during The Quest and the insights revealed as a result are truly powerful.

Described by participants as, “completely transformational”, The Quest is an improvisational structure developed by the legendary improv guru Del Close (1934-1999).

A mainly solo-exercise, intended to generate insights, The Quest leads you on a journey where you experience taking the improvisational mindset, normally reserved for the stage, out into the everyday world of Oxford, applying a mindset of presence for an extended period, exploring what happens as a result of that approach and
reflecting on what was discovered during the experience.

The final part of The Quest involves coming together and, through casual conversation and storytelling, sharing experiences and insights discovered during that process.

Key words Presence, Attention, Adventure, Improvisational Mindset, Listening, Adventure, Insight

Learning Journey C

Business for Applied Improvisers

Andrew Tarvin

Wednesday 10th August 2016 10:00 – 17:00
Venue: Quaker Meeting House, Oxford

You have the passion, you have the skillset, and you may even have the business cards. But do you have the business?

You will leave this intensively practical learning journey with an action plan on how to immediately to build your sustainable applied improvisation business.

You will learn to identify your business goals, determine your sweet spot, define your target market, create your product, establish a pricing structure, market your services, develop your business (aka sales) and create an action plan.

Key words Business, Development, Action Plan, Marketing, Sales, Sustainability.

Learning Journey D

Introduction to Applied Improvisation (for Facilitators)

Raymond Van Driel

Thursday 11th August 2016 10:00-17:00
Venue: Quaker Meeting House, Oxford

This Learning Journey is aimed at facilitators and trainers who don’t necessarily perform improv.

Take this journey to gain more knowledge and insight into Applied Improvisation and be better prepared to connect to the AIN conference.

In this highly interactive and experiential Learning Journey, we’re going to explore the skills and mindset of an improv actor, begin to play and start to think about how you can apply Applied Improvisation to your work practice. You also come away with a range of new tools, activities and concepts to add to your toolkit.

Learning Journey E

Connections between Mindfulness and Improvisation

Ted DesMaisons

Thursday 11th August 2016 10:00-17:00
Venue: Quaker Meeting House, Oxford

This whole day Learning Journey will create a safe learning lab so you can learn experiential exercises that sharpen self-awareness and revitalize relationship with the outside world. It offers you an interactive glimpse into the power of combining the two traditions of improv and mindfulness.

Modern research suggests that mindfulness makes a powerful tool for developing resilience, self-confidence, emotional intelligence, and performance in business, academics, athletics, and the arts.

Improvisational theatre can do the same. Each approach can have its limitations. On its own, mindfulness practice—and especially the teaching of mindfulness—can take on a pious, even sombre tone. On its own, improvisational theatre can get caught on superficial expectations of comedy or entertainment.

Woven together, the two move past those limitations and transform. Mindfulness gains a playful, interactive expression. Improv develops a well-grounded depth. They cultivate the kind of charismatic, creative, connected presence that helps you respond artfully to the challenges of any given moment. We’ll train the muscles of playful attention, dig into the power of “Yes … And,” retrain our reactions to so-called “Failure,” and learn to connect with ourselves and others more resourcefully through acting coach Patsy Rodenburg’s “Second Circle” of awareness.

And we’ll do all that while laughing a lot.

Key words Mindfulness, experiential, interactive, playful, grounded, reflective, engaging, relevant, welcoming for introverts and extroverts

Learning Journey F

Connecting Playback Theatre and Improvisation

Anne and Christopher Ellinger

Thursday 11th August 2016 10:00-17:00
Venue: Quaker Meeting House, Oxford

You will be introduced to powerful Playback Theatre tools you can use in organisational team-building, personal sharing and development, and dialogue across differences. You will also learn how Playback Theatre is being used for organisational and community transformation around the work.

You will get to know some participants deeply and vulnerably and be invited to apply your new Playback skills throughout the AIN conference.

Playback Theatre is a completely improvised form of “embodied empathy.” It’s a powerful tool for personal and social healing. In this active workshop, you will gain skills of deeper listening and quickly getting to the significant heart of a story.

After a series of energizing warmups, participants will be invited to reflect on current questions about their work or life journeys and share a bit with each other. We will then practice a variety of Playback forms to creatively reflect our stories’ emotional essence through movement, metaphor, music and dialogue.

We’ll look together at how each person can apply Playback skills to their work and relationships. The workshop leaders will also share how we have used Playback to serve hundreds of organizations and communities and how it is used in over 60 countries around the world.

If you already know Playback, please let us know if you might like to assist the workshop! We promise you will still learn and experience new things about Playback.

At the end of the workshop, interested participants are invited to help integrate Playback throughout the AIN conference, using the listening tools to help participants process their conference experience.

Key words Moving, connective, healing, inspiring, fun

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