Improvisation U

Our theme, Improvisation U, reflects our connection with Oxford University and values of learning and studying to the highest standards. It also prompts thoughts of Improvisation You, meaning your personal involvement with applied improvisation.

Remember, before the main conference, there’s a great selection of Learning Journeys that you can add to your package, or you can attend the world’s first two-day workshop on the links between Applied Improvisation and Humanitarian Work. All in central Oxford venues.


Full details of the Pre-conference Learning Journeys will very shortly be posted here.

Check back for updates…


If you are booking to attend any pre-conference Learning Journeys we’ll be in contact with you once your booking is confirmed, to take details of your choices.

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2018 AIN World Conference

2018 AIN World Conference, Paris on 23-26 August 2018.

More details here:


Certified Practitioner

AIN Members are welcome to apply to become certified practitioners.