Conference Team 2016

The organizing team for the AIN 2016 conference is made up of highly passionate individuals with diverse backgrounds and interests in applied improvisation, all coming together to craft an interactive, playful and meaningful experience in Oxford.

They include:

  • Dave Bourn
    • Entertainment Coordinator
  • Angelina Castellini (profile)
    • AIN Administrator
    • Learning Journeys Coordinator
    • Registration

  • Paul Z Jackson (profile)
    • AIN President

  • Lisa Jacob (profile)
    • Treasurer
    • Learning Journeys Coordinator

  • Matt Matheson
    • Communications Officer
  • Sarah McSorley (profile)
    • Graphic Recording
    • Sponsorship Coordinator

  • Jon Trevor
    • Sponsorship Coordinator
  • Antony Quinn
    • Communications Officer

    You can also help organise the conference. Just get in touch and offer your contribution.

    Many thanks.

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    2019 AIN World Conference, New York on 8-11 August 2019.


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