What is an AIN Conference all about?


Have you seen the exciting Youtube video starring Alan Alda, Barbara Tint, and the AIN Team? It is official! The Applied Improvisation Network announces … The AIN World Conference!


Here are some things you can expect to get out of the event:

* Introduction to the AIN and Applied Improvisation with a Learning Journey
* Exposure to many of the different fields in which improvisation practices are being applied through talks and workshops
* Instant access to and integration into a vast network and international community of Applied Improvisation facilitators and practitioners
* A chance to learn from lots of different people, many of whom are high profile speakers, facilitators, coaches, trainers
* A chance to learn from people who have built their careers in other fields and are now applying improvisation within their respective       organization or profession in innovative ways
* Connection to other ‘starters’ who are in the same boat as you
* Tons of fun, laughter, shows, chances to play, sing, dance, experiment

As you are curious about where your Applied Improvisation journey might lead you, this will be a great chance to discover who your peers are/will be and to see whether this is indeed a path you wish to take and what the Network might offer you to support you along the way.

Roughly 40% of the conference attendees tend to be ‘first timers’ while half are returners, and some come every year to refresh and reconnect with their colleagues and friends.

Furthermore, you’ll find that the whole conference is being put together by people who are volunteering their time (thank you!!!!) and are therefore creating an event that they themselves want to attend.

Check out our conference FAQ for details about the conference, accommodations and more.


Here are some videos of past conferences which will give you an idea of what you can expect:


Paris: https://youtu.be/6186jxDLFj4

Socal: https://youtu.be/IVqtpdL5P0A

AINxTalks Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi-SvdbEugKqnjxqBZ0O2g

Applied Improvisation is utilized in …


a) Communication About Science and Medicine
Where the objective is to empower scientists and health professionals to communicate complex topics in clear, vivid, and engaging ways

b) Activism, Social Justice and Civil Discourse in Society
Where the objective is using applied improvisation as a tool in community building, social change, and to strengthen dialogue and democracy

c) Personal Growth and Healing The World In Society
Where the objective is healing people/planet, spiritual exploration, and/or personal growth

d) Academia/Education/Research in Society
Where the objective is greater knowledge or the implementation of applied improvisation in academia

e) Business/Organizations
Where the objective is giving groups/organizations skills/tools to perform better

f) Innovative Arenas (Other)
Where the objective is developing within unique applications or populations served

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