The University of California, Irvine will host our 15th annual conference in sunny Southern California. In the past years, we’ve had the conference on all the continents, each time gathering a greater community of professionals for multiple days of learning, gathering, and play.


Every year, we gather at an annual conference to share research, best practices, historical perspective, and new developments in the field of Applied Improvisation with fun, passion, and professionalism.

What Happens

At the annual World Conference, you’ll encounter practical ideas, tools, techniques, tips and small steps you can use immediately to create instant improvisational experiences and learnings wherever you work.

You’ll also experience inspirational talks by industry leaders and innovators, and a wide choice of stimulating presentations and workshops representing diverse interests in the fields of business, community development, arts, health sector, charities, academics, soft skills, and therapy.

You’ll find panel discussions with lively conversations and question-and-answer sessions, and casual conversations with like-minded professionals that stretch your mind and inspire you to learn and do more.

And you can expect a healthy dose of music and comedy performances dabbling in good old fashion (non-applied) improvisation.

After attending a conference, new attendees often denote: “I’ve found my tribe.”

Coming Up in 2017:

Ride the Wave: Applying Improvisation in a Changing World   

Our 2017 conference ‘Ride the Wave: Applying Improvisation in a Changing World’ will take place at the University of California, Irvine. At just over 50 years old, UCI is one of the world’s leading research universities in both the sciences and the arts. The School of the Arts, in particular, houses various facilities, which conferences attendees will be able to utilize during the conference.

Being immersed in its diverse campus will not only allow conference attendees a productive environment for learning, but also a convenient one for accessing the rest of Southern California. With its moderate climate and location next to both renowned beaches and industries, this location will encourage the exploration of new ideas and experiences. Say Yes Sand!

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2018 AIN World Conference

2018 AIN World Conference, Paris on 23-26 August 2018.

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