We’re pleased to announce that for the second year, AIN is working to be able to provide one or more full or partial scholarships to our 2018 world conference taking place in Paris on August 23-26.

Applications are due by May 25, 2018.

Our  scholarship goals are twofold:

  • to increase inclusion and diversity in our practitioner community
  • to support individuals with financial need

Please note that:

  • The number of recipients is limited (Last year, our first for offering scholarships, there was one Scholarship Honoree).
    The amount awarded may be partial or full scholarship (conference registration valued at €520 early bird rate). Some stipend toward lodging may be awarded depending on the amount of funds raised. (Lodging costs range from €45- €75 per night.)
  • Funds are used for registration for the AIN Paris 2018 Conference.
  • This scholarship opportunity may vary from year to year.
  • For those attending a conference for the first time, scholarship recipients will be paired with an AIN member who can be available to answer questions and provide introductions to other members.

For full scholarship information and to submit an application, please click here.

If you are able, please consider donating to our scholarship fund, either by including a donation amount when you register, or by submitting a subsequent donation (available soon).

If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Yeager, Jeanne Lambin, Erica Marx and Linda Hargrove from this year’s scholarship committee at: conference@appliedimprovisationnetwork.org

Scholarship Criteria:

We are looking for candidates that meet some or all of the following criteria:
* Increase diversity:
– an applied improviser from a geographically under-represented region of the world at the AIN Conference
– an individual who is a part of an underrepresented group from any country… (persons of color, varying age groups, members of the LGBQT community, individuals with disabilities, retired military, veterans, those who are socio-economically challenged, individuals from diverse religions, gender identification, etc.)

* Financial needs:
– Individuals who have financial needs, and would not be able to attend the conference due to lack of funds.
– Someone who will benefit from either a full-scholarship of the registration costs or a partial-scholarship to offset their conference costs