AIN Events

AIN is involved in a variety of local, regional, national and international events. The global network is alive with happenings such as:

Annual Global Conference

Starting in 2002, AIN has held a four day global conference every year where a rich array of international improvisation practitioners meet to share their knowledge and best practices, network, play and… improvise!

Conferences include pre-conference Learning Journeys which focus on a variety of topics and bring the conference participants in touch with local communities and initiatives.

See the list of conferences to date

And coming up


Held every few years to explore the status and future of the AIN as an organisation. All members of the AIN are invited to attend and contribute to the brainstorming sessions in order to make recommendations to the Board.

Regional Mini-Conferences

Regional conferences (1 and 2 days) have been held in Melbourne, Australia; Manilla, Philippines; Helsinki, Finland; Konstanz, Germany; Tokyo, Japan; Portland, OR, USA; New York, USA.

Local Meetings

Local groups all around the world organise independent evening and half-day meet-ups and game swaps to keep the local network alive and connected.


Teams of experienced practitioners travel and share applied improv with new audiences.

Professional Development Opportunities

AIN offers a variety of training opportunities presented to a wide range of audiences. Some of these include:

  • Introduction to Applied Improvisation
  • Improv for Humanitarian Workers<//span>
  • Training of Trainers using AI methods<//span>
  • Applied Improv in Academic Settings<//span>