The Applied Improvisation Network
Anti-Harassment Statement

July, 2019

Statement on Anti-Harassment/Respectful AIN: 

Such that all members and participants may contribute and thrive together, AIN is committed to cultivating an environment free from discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct in any form. Our collective expectation is that we all work together to create  a safe, respectful, and inclusive play and learning spaces for all. Together, we share the responsibility to foster and demand a culture of respect within AIN.

Shared Commitment for All AIN Participants: 

Use good judgement and do not act in ways likely to diminish others’ sense of safety, inclusion, and respect. It is never appropriate to act in a demeaning, threatening, or verbally abusive manner. Yelling or cursing at others, or engaging in intimidating behaviors are violations of the community we seek to cultivate. If you have witnessed or been the target of inappropriate behavior, we urge you to talk with someone within the organization and/or contact one of the AIN board members.

Commitment from the AIN Board and Stewards: 

As board members, we commit to paying close attention to the quality of interactions within the organization. We commit to modeling behavior that creates an inclusive and respectful climate for all. We also commit to promptly addressing inappropriate behavior that occurs within AIN.