Thank you for your interest in joining the AIN Board. This document outlines what the Board does, how the recruitment process works, and the responsibilities of Board members

What is AIN and What Does the Board Do?

AIN is a global community of over 7000 Facebook Group Members, 800 Website Members, 50 Certified Practitioners, and numerous local and regional groups. The AIN Board exists to support the development of a strong, professional network of scholars, trainers, and practitioners of Applied Improvisation across a breadth of disciplines (find the goals and beliefs of AIN here). The Board meets regularly to discuss all matters AIN and to coordinate the volunteer working projects. The AIN operates entirely by the efforts of its members, including the Board of Directors.

Board Elections

Board members serve 2-year terms, and are nominated annually, by a proposer and seconder, both of whom must be AIN members (someone who has been on any of the past three conferences: Oxford 2016, SoCal 2017, Paris 2018). We can have a maximum of 16 Board members, with half the posts becoming vacant each year. Each year, some people leave and some people run for re-election to remain on the Board.  The current Board will select incoming Board members from the applicant pool based on various things, primarily the level and kind of contribution an incoming Board member can bring to the existing Board. For more information and for a list of current Board members, please visit our website.

What We Need

We need people who have energy and passion to be part of a working Board. We want those of you who have an interest in helping the organization grow to the next level as our field continues to emerge. Some of the current Board projects include: Diversity and Inclusion, Media, Research and Publication, Marketing and Networking, Humanitarian Projects, Website, and Professionalization of Applied Improvisation. We are open to and interested in your new ideas and initiatives.

We are also looking for a wide range of global representation and currently, the Board would strongly encourage members from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Oceania to apply.  Also, if you are a techie, social media savvy or have experience serving on nonprofit Boards, we would love to hear from you.

What It Means to Join

Once you are elected, then the fun begins! The Board meets by Zoom once a month or two. There  are also committee meetings that meet in between the full Board meetings. We are a friendly, happy, productive bunch who want to work with you. We give weather reports and tell jokes and share joy. We also do the work of building and sustaining AIN! All Board members are asked to lead or help drive one or more projects of their choice. These projects are supported by the full Board and are in-line with our shared goals and objectives for a strong, vibrant AIN.


The Board term will start following the election/appointment in August 2019 and continue until the election in 2021.


Responsibilities of a Board Member

While the duties and responsibilities of each Board member vary a bit year by year, these guidelines provide a good overview of what is expected from new and existing Board members:

  • Participate in the regular and special Board meetings and actively participate in proceedings. The Board meets at least 6 times per year via Zoom or other similar platforms. Committee meetings are arranged by each committee.  Given that we are an all-volunteer organization, we understand that members might not be able to attend all meetings including the annual conference and regional meetings, but to serve on the Board you must be able to attend most Board meetings, thus indicating a dedication to the organization.
  • Attend the Board retreat.  Prior to this year’s conference we will be having a Board retreat on the Tuesday before the conference in New York City. We are hoping that incoming and departing Board members can work together during this time. Those not able to join may be brought in virtually for at least part of the time.
  • Prepare for Board meetings/read any materials sent in advance of the Board meetings and if you are not able to attend the meeting, read the notes/minutes from the meeting.
  • Participate in at least one Board project.
  • Participate in establishing and enforcing organizational policies.
  • Share your resources and talents with the organization. This might include your brain, your network, your access to funders, your fabulous offers and……?
  • Bring your friends into the party and invite them to play and work with us.
  • Participate actively in assessing AIN performance and setting its strategic goals and objectives.
  • Represent AIN to the community and promote AIN at relevant meetings in your networks: promote local and regional AIN events as appropriate.
  • Be a great AIN Ambassador in the world.
  • Become familiar with the purpose, goals, policies, and programs of AIN.
  • Communicate effectively and respect the diverse opinions of others.
  • Be a great team player.


Board Member Orientation

We hold a Board member orientation at the annual conference where you will meet your fellow Board members, review the Board member handbook, and have a chance to ask any questions you might have. You will be paired with a Board buddy.  Your Board buddy will be a Board member who has served at least one year on the Board and who can be available to answer questions, provide updates on missed meetings and generally be there to help!


Additional Resources

Being a Board member on a working Board is a big responsibility.  Whether you have served on numerous non-profit Boards or this would be your first time being on a Board, this from the Balance Small Business, “How to Understand What Non-profit Boards Should Do”. Might be helpful. Also, please feel free to reach out to current Board members with questions.


Why Serve?

Because we’re awesome and you’re awesome! Because we’re fun and you’re fun! Because AIN, founded in 2002, is an international organization and is growing rapidly and we want your contribution. Being a part of the Board is an opportunity to learn more about what the organization has done in the past, what we’re doing now, and most importantly, where we want to go in the future. It’s a chance to work with amazing and dedicated people from around the globe, to build relationships,  and to develop your leadership skills. Did we mention we were awesome, energizing and fun as all get-out? Did we mention that we are an all volunteer organization? We need you! To be the proper stewards of our mission, we depend on the intelligence, insight, uniqueness, skills, knowledge, spirit, and every other wonderful thing that each member brings to that work. We want to have a chance to work with you. Come work and play with us!



Still have questions? We’d be happy to chat with you. Just send an e-mail to ainboardsecretary@gmail.com.


How to Join

If you are interested in joining the Board, please complete this form and send a photo to ainboardsecretary@gmail.com. You can do this before June 1, 2019.


Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing from you!

Most kind regards,

The AIN Board 2019-2021