The History of the AIN


The AIN was founded in 2002 by Paul Z Jackson, Michael Rosenburg and Alain Rostain. Alain led us in putting together a mailing list, a newsletter and then gathering a group of 30 or so pioneering improvisers for a first conference in San Diego.

Since then the number of local groups and online communities has grown year by year, with a series of conferences, regional events and roadshows in North America, Europe, Japan and Australia.

Documents of our incorporation are available to download here.



The AIN operates entirely by the efforts of its members. We apply improvisational principles to our own activities. Everything about the AIN has started spontaneously and emerged organically, with an elected Board of Directors taking policy decisions.


Community Policy and Procedure

We expect ethical and constructive behaviour from our members both in person and on-line. Anything falling short may lead to ending your membership. The processes for such actions are determined by the Board or its officers acting on behalf of the Board.