About The Applied Improvisation Network

The Applied Improvisation Network (AIN) is a global community of over 5000 members online and numerous local groups.

Our Goals

  • To promote the practice of applied improvisation
  • To support members and practitioners of applied improvisation
  • To develop methods of best practice
  • To connect our members to each other to foster collaborative working opportunities
  • To partner with organizations to promote and teach applied improvisation to their members

Our Beliefs

  • Improvisational practice has the power to improve the quality of human lives, communities, and organizational relationships
  • Play and spontaneity promote personal and professional growth and support innovation
  • Real collaboration is a valuable skill that helps organizational and group performance
  • Improvisation teaches generosity, cooperation, trust, and experimentation.  This reduces anxiety, and releases creativity
  • These benefits are open to all people at any age, any walk of life, and especially to those who have never done it before!

Our Volunteers

The AIN is a volunteer organisation created by its members for its members. There are many people involved in our community. Here are some of our project coordinators:

If you would like to contribute, send us an email to get in touch!

Co-Presidency – Barbara Tint, Paul Z Jackson

Paul and Barbara keep a co-presidential overview of the AIN. They collaborate, delegate, instigate. They share wisdom, decisions, diablogs and laughter and are very open to input.

Vice-Presidency – Sue Walden

Sue Walden serves as Vice President and is committed to see the field of Applied Improvisation grow in exposure and reputation.

Co-Secretaries – Raymond van Driel, Lisa Yeager

Raymond and Lisa support the AIN organisation as the Board’s Co-Secretaries and Election Organisers.

Treasurer – Alan Montague

Alan is responsible for the financial health of the Network. He ensures we file the tax documents that keep us legal, works with conference organizers to ensure the budgets and spending for the conferences are aligned with board policy and advises the board on financial aspects of our decisions.

Legal Counsel – Joey Novick

Joey is our first port of call for any legal matters, and either gives us his advice or points us in the right direction.

Administrative Coordinator – Angelina Castellini

Angelina assists the Board Members with their projects, coordinates the online community and is the organisation’s first point of contact through this website.

Email: appliedimprovnetwork@gmail.com

Conferences – Joel Veenstra, Sue Walden, Barbara Tint

The Board makes sure a conference happens every year and serves as a sounding board for annual conference organisers.

Joel coordinates the #AIN17 Conference SoCal and is an honorary Board Member.

Sue coordinates the #AIN17 Summit SoCal and is the vice chair of the #AIN17 Conference SoCal organising team, primarily responsible for programming.

Barbara is exploring venues/hosts for #AIN18.

Email: ainconference@gmail.com

Diversity & Inclusion – Jeanne Lambin, Simo Routarinne

As co-chairs of the Diversity & Inclusive Committee, Jeanne and Simo are looking at how to make the organization more diverse and inclusive.

Humanitarian Project – Barbara Tint

Barbara has been coordinating the AIN/Red Cross Climate Centre collaboration and is working to advance the use of Applied Improv in the wider Humanitarian Sector.

Library & Archive – Susanne Poechacker

Susanne is the coordinator of the AIN Zotero library. She is our librarian and hosts regular Skype Library meetings for new members.

Local Groups – Sue Walden

Sue is the global coordinator of the AIN Regional Shepherds who support the local group coordinators. AIN Regional Shepherds can put you in touch with local members of the community in their regions.

Media – Gabe Mercado

Gabe leads the AIN Podcast project – inviting contributors, editing the sound files, plotting out themes and topics.

Mentoring – Izzy Gesell

Izzy coordinates the new AIN mentoring scheme, pairing mentors with mentees.

Professionalisation – Sue Walden, Paul Z Jackson

Sue contributes to the professional development of the organisation and its individual members.

Paul guides the AIN Practitioner policy.

Research & Publication – Barbara Tint, Christian Freisleben-Teutscher

Barbara coordinated the Delphi Study, a research study on the core concepts of Applied Improvisation. She conducts research and publishes on its methods.

Christian is the King of Research – he has collected many articles and links on various categories of Applied Improvisation which you can find in the AIN Library.

Public Relations & Social Media – Jon Trevor, Missy Whitis, Bard Brænde

Missy runs the social media. Find & follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Jon is producing flyers and leaflets to explain what the AIN does. He is also producing a downloadable audio file to do the same job.

Bard develops our marketing style guide.

Website – Mary Jane Pories, David Griffiths, Victor Romijn, Angelina Castellini

Mary Jane ensures that the website functions properly and remains useful to the membership and AIN.

David is our website developer and Victor is our content editor.

Angelina ensures that the website content represents the AIN community and is the first point of contact for any member queries: appliedimprovnetwork@gmail.com