About The Applied Improvisation Network

The Applied Improvisation Network (AIN) is a global community of over 5000 members online and numerous local groups.

Our Aims

  • To promote the practice of applied improvisation
  • To support members and practitioners of applied improvisation
  • To develop methods of best practice
  • To connect its members to each other to foster collaborative working opportunities
  • To partner with organisations to promote and teach applied improvisation to their members

Our Values

  • In the power of improvisational practice to improve the quality of human lives, communities, and organizational relationships;
  • The experiential value of play, spontaneity and intuition promotes personal and professional growth, and nurtures innovation;
  • Co-creativity is a life-skill that helps individuals live more meaningfully, and drives organizational performance;
  • Improvisation’s emphasis on generosity, cooperation, trust, and experimentation counterbalances fear, and releases creativity;
  • These benefits are open to all people at any age, any walk of life, and especially to those who have never done it before!

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2017 AIN World Conference

2017 AIN World Conference, Southern California on 24-27 August 2017.

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Certified Practitioner

AIN Members are welcome to apply to become certified practitioners.